The job interview

Adulthood is starting to creep up on me.

Today I had my first job interview; it wasn’t the best I’ve given. Something came over me and I became flustered, so much that I couldn’t remember the terms “strength” and “simple”. To be honest, I think it went a little bad. It wasn’t up to my mark of how I should have handled the questions. I guess I was just overwhelmed by it all – adulthood. 

When was it, that I stopped throwing tantrums? When was it, that I started making independent decisions, that I started cooking for myself, waking up by myself and doing things all by myself? There is no specific point. One day, I just did a certain thing by myself. And the other I just continued doing so. 

Adulthood is creeping up on me. 

16 years old me still feels like it’s here somewhere now. Like 2010 wasn’t 7 years ago, like I am still my mother’s baby. Regardless of whether I secure this job, I have done my first job interview, the first of many in my career, and not the most nerve-wracking for sure. Soon, I might get a job that pays my bills. Soon, I must pay my bills by getting a job. Soon, I will be a proper adult. 

It’s rather daunting, adulthood. 

I’m finally growing up. 21 years I’ll be this winter. Seems like it was just yesterday that I was going to school. Now I’m faced with decisions I must make on my own. Now I must make my own choices. 

A little exciting too. 

Regardless of whether I secure this particular job, just this one experience has opened my eyes and given me a lot to think about. This one experience has given me something to learn from, learnings I may apply in searching for another job or while working this job. Questions I wasn’t prepared for now has prepared me for similar questions. 

Adulthood has come. 


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