attractive women

“That man is lucky to be raped by that gorgeous woman.”


“However, these 28 lucky individuals probably don’t receive a lot of complaints.”

This is one of the posts on the website called Wild Ammo that I came across while searching for images related to sex offenders for my dissertation. Titled ‘28 Convicts You Wouldn’t Mind As A Registered Sex Offender‘, you may want to vomit already.
The gallery contains mugshots of attractive women portrayed to have been arrested for sexual offences, and it implies if you are a straight man, you would surely enjoy getting raped by this attractive woman
This is a pathetic reflection of the gender inequality and norms in our global society. Men are automatically assumed to like sex and they are actually considered ‘lucky’ to be sexually assaulted. If not, he must surely be homosexual.
“Man, I wish I was ‘raped’ instead.”
“He is so lucky! That woman was hot!”
“If he’s complaining, he’s gay. Give her to me instead.”
These are many of the comments we’ve heard of whenever someone posts about a rape of a male.

Some  actual comments on the gallery


People are asking to be raped.

(Not all of the comments were stupid. There were quite a bit commenting on how it’s still an offence whether it’s an attractive woman or not.)

This idea that men cannot deny the offer of sex or that men will always want sex is also a form of gender inequality. Male victims are not show any sympathy and are instead considered a ‘lucky bastard’ by many others. Their pain is disregarded and, most times, laughed at.

The patriarchy hurts not only women, but men. That is why when I, as a feminist, and many others, stand for the fight for equality between men and women (and also other genders), I know that I fight not only for women, but for men. For men to be able to show their feelings, for men to be able to say no to sex! For men to be feminine or what society deems as such, and for men to not always be horny!
(Also: if you assent to being “raped”, technically, you’re not being raped, but rather engaging in consensual sex. Unless you’re a minor of course.)