being ugly

Why can’t I be ugly?

I was younger, when this question crossed my mind: “Why can’t I be ugly?”

What’s wrong with being ugly?

Yes, some people might generally not be considered attractive (“pretty”, “handsome”, “hot”, “gorgeous”). Some people might be considered unattractive even.

So what?

So what if they’re ugly?

Now what I’m going to rant about, you may not understand.

So what if someone is ugly?

Why must they be offered some consolation? Why must it be that “it’s okay, you’re not THAT ugly” or “what matters is that you’re beautiful on the inside” or “you’re beautiful because you’ve got a beautiful heart”? Why must the person think “why am I so ugly? I wish I was prettier” or “what can I do to make myself look better”?

Why can’t we just live and let be? Can I not just be ugly and leave it at that? Must I get some consolation words? Must I be told that there will be someone for me? Must I be told that it’s okay? Why can’t I know myself that it is?

Let’s say I’m ugly. Let’s leave at that, why don’t we? Must you go on to ridicule me, must it be an offensive or harmful to call me that? Am I already facing some (un)conscious biasness from people around me for being ugly?

Less likely to be offered jobs, less likely to be warmed up to, less likely to wanted be friends with. Now we must go on to make it a big deal?

Maybe I have a good heart, maybe I’m smart. How is that related? There could be someone who finds me attractive, there will be someone who won’t. It’s like that. If I’m ugly, I’m ugly. That’s it.


(I don’t think I’m ugly. But even if I do, so what?)


[Picture credits: Not mine; found on Google images.]